Car Tech You Need This Year

Sahr Ngegba
2 min readFeb 27, 2023

The automobile industry is constantly evolving. Manufacturers continue to change with the times to provide drivers with the best possible on-road experiences. Modern automobile gadgets like small-scale vacuum cleaners and solar-powered tire monitoring systems are just two examples of gadgets that customize today’s vehicles.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter from Octeso

Up to four times quicker than a standard charger, the Octeso Bluetooth FM Transmitter can recharge your phone while offering pristine audio quality to stream your favorite audiobooks or other media. The voltage-detecting adaptor keeps things hands-free with its smooth interaction with Siri and Google Assistant.

Pro Escape Tool Ztylus Stinger

While we hope it won’t be required, one aspect of driving that is typical is unpredictability. This unusual escape weapon from Ztylus has a robust, spring-loaded window punch that can safely break glass in an emergency and a razor-sharp blade that can cut seatbelts.

Airtag by Apple

Most Apple devices already have the company’s Find My technology, so attaching an AirTag to non-mobile gadgets makes sense. The tiny gadget’s built-in speaker gives whatever it is linked to a distinct ringtone to enable easy recognition.

Gps Tracker Landairsea 54

LandAirSea’s 54 GPS Tracker can be mounted to any vehicle and tracked in real-time using Google Maps. Whether you’re a worried parent seeking your household’s newly-licensed driver, a warehouse manager anxiously expecting the subsequent delivery, or you are lost in a parking lot searching for your own car, this inconspicuous, plug-and-play gadget has your back.

Northumberland Tire Inflator

With dimensions of just under 9″ tall and scarcely more than 2 pounds, NORSHIRE advertises their portable tire inflator as the smallest and lightest in the world. If it stops working, drivers can use their cigarette lighter or a USB port to provide direct power. Since it can inflate all types of tires, it comes in handy whether you’re mountain biking or stranded with a flat.

Spotify for Cars

You can now do it without using your phone when you want to change a song or choose your playlist. While it does have a touch screen, a dial, and preset buttons, the device can also be controlled with your voice, making it simple to change your music.

Breathalyzer BACtrack S80

All 50 states have authorized BACtrack’s S80 Breathalyzer, which shouldn’t be surprising given that it is the most accurate model available. This portable device will be the best choice because of its long battery life, LCD screen, and simple operation.

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