The Benefits of Importing Goods

Sahr Ngegba
2 min readDec 3, 2019

In an increasingly globalized economy, the import and export of goods becomes more routine and commonplace. Businesses should not shy away from imports because doing so could constitute a major lost opportunity. Importing products carries with it several significant benefits for companies and consumers alike.

Providing a Better Quality Product

In some cases, importing gives a company access to a better quality product than they would otherwise be able to sell. Every country has different strengths for their exports and it is better to go to the source of a non-native product. Businesses will then have access to quality native products that may not be possible to find elsewhere. Companies can take the time to find the best products around the globe and import them to sell, allowing them to consistently provide high quality products to their customers.

Cost Savings and Expanded Revenue

Imported goods from other countries can be much cheaper than similar domestic products would be. This is especially true for raw materials, which some businesses import from multiple countries at once to make a product for as little expense as possible. Companies can then pass these savings on to the consumer as well as make more profit themselves. The bottom line is important for businesses and if they can provide a solid product for less they should do so. Some countries offer trade incentives that can make importing from them even more attractive from a financial standpoint.

Introducing New Products to a Market

Importing goods allows a company to introduce new products from abroad to customers at home. A product that consumers find useful in Japan could very well become beloved by consumers in America, for example. Providing customers something new and different is how a company stands apart from its competition. This can position a particular company as a leader in the industry if they are offering something fresh and different that others are not.

Approaching importing the right way can greatly expand a company’s business operations and bottom line. It can also benefit customers by introducing them to new products and saving them money. It’s important not to write off imports entirely because the blending of products from different cultures can create something new and amazing.



Sahr Ngegba

Sahr Ngegba, owner of a freight forwarding company, is dedicated to helping others through both his business and humanitarian efforts.